Suggested Reading Material for ECLAM Residents

The references are intended to give residents of the ECLAM programme an insight into the depth and breadth of knowledge that is expected from an ECLAM Diplomate. The list is intended to guide the resident towards appropriate study material in laboratory animal medicine. 
We do not claim that the list is complete and do not guarantee that all exam questions are covered by the references.

The CRC Press gives a 20% discount and free shipping to ECLAM Diplomates and residents. If you are interested, contact the Secretariat for the code to use when purchasing books. CRC lab animal publications are found on their website


  • Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia 4th ed. Flecknell P, Academic Press, 2015. ISBN-13: 978-0128000366, ISBN-10: 0128000368
  • Pathology of Laboratory Rodents and Rabbits 4th ed. Barthold SW, Griffey SM, Percy DH. Wiley-Blackwell, 2016. ISBN 1118824245
  • The UFAW Handbook on the Care and Management of Laboratory and Other Research Animals, 8th ed. Hubrecht, R, ed. Wiley, 2015. ISBN-10: 8126556102, ISBN-13: 978-8126556106
  • The Laboratory Mouse (Handbook of Experimental Animals), 2nd ed. Hedrich H, ed. Elsevier, 2012. eBook ISBN: 9780123820099, hardcover ISBN: 9780123820082
  • ACLAM ‘blue books’:
  1. Laboratory Animal Medicine 3rd ed. Fox JG, Anderson LC, Otto G, Pritchett-Corning K, Whary MT, ed. American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine. Academic Press, 2015. ISBN-13: 978-0124095274, ISBN-10: 0124095275
  2. The Laboratory Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster and Other Rodents. Sukow MA, Stevens, KA, Wilson RP, eds. Elsevier, 2012. ISBN-13: 978-0123809209, ISBN-10: 0123809207
  3. Flynn’s Parasites of Laboratory Animals 2nd ed., Baker DG, ed. John Wiley & Sons, 2007. ISBN-13: 978-0813812021, ISBN-10: 081381202X
  4. Planning and Designing Research Animal Facilities, Hessler JR, Lehner NDM eds. Elsevier, 2008
  5. Laboratory Animal Welfare, Bayne K, Turner P, eds. Academic Press, 2013
  6. The Laboratory Rat, 2nd ed. Suckow MA, Weisbroth SH, Franklin CL. Elsevier, 2005. ISBN-13: 978-0120749034, ISBN-10: 0120749033
  • Design of Animal Experiments, 2nd ed. Festing MFW, Overend P, Gaines Das R, Cortina Borja M, Berdoy M. Sage Publications, 2016. ISBN-13: 978-1473974630, ISBN-10: 147397463
  • The COST Manual of Laboratory Animal Care and Use: Refinement, Reduction, and Research, eds. Howard B, Nevalainen T, Perretta G, eds., CRC Press, 2010. ISBN 9781439824924
  • Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 8th ed. National Research Council, 2011. (
  • Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, 3rd ed. Hau J, Schapiro S, ed. CRC Press.
  1. Vol I: Essential Principles and Practices. ISBN 9781420084559, 2010
  2. Vol II: Animal Models. ISBN 9781420084573, 2011
  3. Vol III: Animal Models. ISBN 9781466555129, 2013
  • What’s Wrong With My Mouse: Behavioral Phenotyping of Transgenic and Knockout Mice, 2nd ed. Crawley, JC. Wiley-Liss, 2007
  • The Laboratory Primate (Handbook of Experimental Animals), Wolfe-Coote S, ed. Elsevier, 2005. ISBN-13: 978-0120802616, ISBN-10: 0120802619
  • The Laboratory Zebrafish, Harper C, Lawrence C. CRC Press, 2011. ISBN 9781439807439

Online material

  • FELASA publications
  1. Guidelines (
  2. Recommendations (
  3. Reports (               

Regulations, Occupational health, Safety


  • Laboratory Animals (available at a discounted rate to ESLAV members)
  • AALAS journals:
  1. Comparative Medicine
  2. Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science