Mock Exams


Terms of Reference for the Mock Exam Working Group

The Mock Exam Working Group (WG) develops and administers annual mock exams. This effort is in collaboration with the International Mock Exam Coalition, part of the Laboratory Animal Boards Study Group (LABSG). 

The purpose of the WG is to prepare a suitable ECLAM mock exam for residents who are thinking of taking the real exam sometime in the future (it does not necessarily need to be the one that year).

The intention is always to help exam candidates to prepare well for the real exam by giving them a “flavour” of what the exam process demands and the level of knowledge required.


The WG is formed by volunteers who are ECLAM Diplomates  - preferably recent ones - led by a Coordinator.

There is no limit to the number of volunteers wishing to participate in the WG. Members will be asked to contribute questions to the pool of exam questions and/or assist the Coordinator with the elaboration, editing or running of the mock exam. Members will be able to claim points for their contributions at their ECLAM quinquennial re-evaluation.

Detailed functions

1.     If not already members of the Laboratory Animals Boards Study Group (LABSG), WG members will need to join it and be actively involved in the LABSG, contributing article summaries as required by the LABSG moderator (see

2.     By 1st January of each year, WG members will send a number of possible mock exam questions to the WG Coordinator according to the format previously specified by the Coordinator. The number of questions required from each member will depend on the total number of volunteers in the WG but is likely to be between 2 and 10. These questions should be composed with the ECLAM exam in mind, not the ACLAM exam, even though they will be sent to the LABSG moderator for possible inclusion in both mocks. 

3.     The Coordinator will collect the required number of questions and send them to the LABSG moderator before the January deadline.

4.     When the LABSG moderator makes the ACLAM mock exam available to all Coordinators, the ECLAM Coordinator will make use of it to start elaborating that year’s ECLAM  mock exam.

5.     The Coordinator may ask members of the WG to assist with the editing and final composition of the mock exam. Those volunteers who wish to assist with the actual running of the exam may do so at the discretion and under the direction of the Coordinator. All these contributions should be appropriately acknowledged (e.g., points for the quinquennial re-evaluation).


For further information, email the Secretariat (