ECLAM Invites Internationally-Recognised Experts to Apply (21 October 2019)

The European College of Laboratory Animal Medicine’s mission is to further scientific progress in laboratory animal medicine in Europe and increase the competency of those who practice in this field. Even though ECLAM has nearly 100 Diplomates, many expert colleagues do not wish to undertake a 3-year residency in order to qualify for the examinations. In accordance with this goal and our Constitution, we are announcing that those with internationally-recognised expertise may now apply for approval to sit the certification examinations without a prior residency.

As a Diplomate, you will help to strengthen the position of veterinarians dedicated to the care of animals bred and used for scientific purposes and higher education. ECLAM welcomes your participation; involvement in the College facilitates passing on your knowledge to the next generation of specialists. Further, you can help to develop the College and influence the work and the future of specialist education. The work that we do together has an impact on the quality of laboratory animal veterinarians and encourages young veterinarians to engage in the speciality.

The requirements for approval as an internationally-recognised expert are the following:   

  1. at least 10 years of experience practicing the speciality
  2. advanced training in laboratory animal medicine
  3. demonstrated competency and significant contribution to the development of laboratory animal medicine through teaching, research and practice
  4. professional involvement with a licensed establishment as a laboratory animal veterinarian (supervisor, teacher, director or laboratory animal scientist), at least 60% of the time (24 hours/week)
  5. licence (or eligibility) to practice veterinary medicine in Europe
  6. willingness to contribute to the work of the College
  7. two letters of recommendation from ECLAM Diplomates

  8. satisfactory moral and ethical standing in relation to the practice of veterinary medicine

  9. a minimum of five publications of the following types:
  • one as first/primary author of a publication that applies scientific methods on topics relevant to lab animal science or medicine, published in an international peer-reviewed journal
  • four publications or reports that either (i) apply scientific methods in veterinary medicine or biological sciences; or (ii) are a review, case report, book chapter, working group report or internal company report in the field of laboratory animal medicine or science

We hope you will consider this invitation to seek the ECLAM Diploma. Please send your application, addressing the points above, to the Secretariat at Applications are welcome any time, but those received before 1 December 2019 will be reviewed in time for the 2020 examinations.

Forums Now Available for Residents and Diplomates (20 October 2019)

We now have two forums for our residents and members, hosted at These will be available only if you ask to subscribe. Click below to register; your request will be forwarded to the Secretariat for approval, and your first message post will also have to be approved prior to posting.

The College will use these forums for information which may not be appropriate for the public website. Because only ECLAM members and residents can join the groups, there will be some measure of protection from public view, although care should of course be taken before posting. 

The forums each offer several ways to communicate with the entire group, including:

  • a message board (you can set your subscription to send you a daily digest, or each message as it is received)
  • a chat board
  • a directory of subscribers
  • a calendar of events (in addition to the public calendar of events on the public website)
  • a wiki which all members will build together, to provide information for everyone

To subscribe to the Residents' group:



To subscribe to the Diplomates' group




October Newsletter

The October 2019 newsletter was sent out yesterday, unfortunately without the greeting from the President, Patricia Hedenqvist. To view the newsletter in your browser, click here

New websites for ECLAM and ESLAV

Both organisations are developing new websites which will replace Our new site will be at Watch for the launch before the end of 2019!

Update to: Membership ballot sent via MailChimp, response due by 29 September

A ballot containing five amendments to the ECLAM Constitution and Bylaws was sent via MailChimp on 22nd September 2019. Thanks to all who participated, all five amendments were approved by a vast majority.

Joint statement from ECLAM, ESLAV and FELASA on use of carbon dioxide for euthanasia

Read the position paper, which was written and endorsed by the three organisations.

Oral/Practical exam dates announced

The 2019 oral/practical examinations will be held on the 18th and 19th November 2019 (and possibly on more days, depending on the number of candidates). The site will be in Lund, Sweden.

Survey deadline extended-- please help the College improve

The Council survey was sent to all Diplomates and residents before the meeting in Prague. Response has been excellent so far, with over 30 responses. The deadline for responding is 30 June. Contact the Secretariat if you need the link to the survey.

Written exam dates announced

The 2019 written examinations will be again at the University of Glasgow, on Saturday and Sunday, 7-8 September. Contact the Secretariat for more details.

The oral/practical exams will not be in Hannover for the next few years, due to the anticipated participation of Hannover residents in the exams. The new site will be announced soon.

Website Photo Contest 

Thanks to all who submitted photos for our new website! We received over 30 submissions. The winners were announced at the AGM in Prague:

  • Cristian Berce submitted the Best Photo
  • Anne-Dominique Degryse submitted the Most Photos