Re-certification of Diplomates

The requirements for re-certification are contained in the Bylaws, Article IIIB.

All active Diplomates must be re-certified every 5 years. They are notified in January of the re-certification year, and submit the approved forms to the Secretariat by 31 March. For the fee, see our Payments page; this is normally included in that year's membership fee invoice. Two letters of support must also be submitted, as well as evidence of current ESLAV membership. 

Re-certification requires completion of a total of 100 points, with at least 15 points in three of the four sections:

  1. Attendance at congresses and meetings

  2. Publications

  3. Presentations

  4. Involvement in College and related activities

No credit points can be granted for education or training in non-scientific or non-evidence-based medicine.

The current Excel workbook for re-certification is available by downloading it from the Forms page, or by contacting the Secretariat.

Once the re-certification forms and letters of support have been received, two members of the Credentials Committee who are impartial to the Diplomate conduct a review of the material. They make a recommendation to the Committee. Normally, this results in re-certifying the Diplomate for another 5 years.

The Secretariat is the administrator of the membership data on the EBVS website. The Diplomate's record is approved for the 5-year recertification, which automatically generates an email confirming the update. A letter is also sent to the Diplomate by the Secretariat.

For further information, including failure to submit re-certification materials, see the Bylaws, Art IIIB