Training and Residency

If you are interested in becoming an ECLAM resident, you will train in either a Standard or Alternate residency programme. Your training programme must be approved by ECLAM before you begin your official residency training. Residency takes at least 3, and no more than 6 years.

Residency requirements are contained in the Constitution and Bylaws. They are amended by the College as required to meet EBVS and ECLAM policies.

Prerequisites for applying for residency:

  • Have satisfactory moral and ethical standing in relation to the practice of veterinary medicine

  • Be licensed or eligible to be licensed to practise veterinary medicine in a European country, unless exempted from this obligation by ECLAM Council.

  • Be a veterinary graduate of an EAEVE-approved veterinary school, unless exempted from this requirement by the Training Committee

  • Have completed one year in a rotating internship or equivalent as defined by the College

Frog X-ray, 1896


Once you have completed your residency, you must submit your credentials application within 2 years. You must complete the examinations within 8 years.

For more info see:

Standard Residency Programmes

For more details, contact the programme director.

  1. Hannover

  2. Scandinavia

  3. Barcelona

  4. Swiss and Southern Germany

  5. London 

Alternate Residency Programmes

Download and complete the Application to Become a Resident on our Forms page. Submit it to the Secretariat

Last updated 23 June 2019