Training consists of a first training period of at least one year in a rotating internship or equivalent as defined by the College, AND a second training period consisting of:

  • An approved standard residency programme in laboratory animal medicine of a period of at least 3 years full-time equivalent and no more than 6 years in total at an approved training centre; or

  • A period of training and experience in laboratory animal medicine of a minimum of 5 years in total, including an alternate residency of a period of at least 3 years in total and no more than 6 years in total. 

A standard or an alternate residency must be completed under direct supervision of an ECLAM Diplomate or under co-supervision as defined in the EBVS ‘Policy on the use of non-EBVS recognised Diplomates as residency programme co-supervisors.

Standard Residency Programs (for more details contact the program director)






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