Governing Board

The Governing Board consists of the President, the President Elect or the Past President, the Honorary Secretary, the Treasurer and at least 4 (four) Ordinary Members. Guests with observer status from other Societies (LAVA) or allied disciplines (ECLAM) are invited.
The Governing Board establishes, determines the powers and mode of conduct of business of, regulates and dissolves Committees, Scientific Sections, and its Representatives to other bodies. The Board confers once per month distally, and twice a year face-to-face. Read the Board Policy.

ESLAV Board      
Position Name Contact Since
President Aurora Brønstad    2010
President-Elect Peter Glerup 2014
Honorary Secretary Massimiliano Bardotti 2012
Honorary Treasurer Frédéric Decrock 2016
Ordinary Members Helmut Ehall   2015
  Marthe Schmit   2016
  Katerina Marinou 2015
  Gabi Itter   2013
  Rafael Frias   2018
  Argyro Zacharioudaki  2018
Observers from affiliated organizations      
AAALAC Member Organisation Delegate Thierry Decelle   2011
ECLAM Liaison Martje Fentener van Vlissingen   2013
LAVA Council Liaison Ngaire Dennison   2012
Representation in other organizations      
European Comission Aurora Brønstad     
ECLAM Katerina Marinou    
FELASA Katerina Marinou    
LAVA Helmut Ehall    
EVERI Max Bardotti    
VETCEE Peter Glerup    
AAALAC Thierry Decelle