ASRU Inspector, Home Office, UK


Position title: ASRU Inspector, Home Office
Company name: Home Office
City: Home Worker
Country: Great Britian
Position description: 

Home Office Inspector Recruitment 
Inspectors for the Animals in Science Regulation Unit in the Home Office 

Salary: £59,093 - £68,547 (national) £64,178 - £74,446 (London) 
Closing date: 17th February 2019 

Doctors and Veterinary Surgeons - Join us for a unique bioscience opportunity and play a role in enabling cutting edge biomedical research programmes across the full range of medical, biological and veterinary disciplines. 

Inspectors have a critical role in the operation of the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, which regulates experimental or other scientific procedures applied to living animals, ensuring that the expected benefits from the work justify the harms to the animals and complies with the principles of the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, refinement). 
As the frontline of the Home Office, individual inspectors have considerable personal impact on the overall public confidence in the use of animals for research. It will be your responsibility to assess detailed research proposals to advise the Home Secretary on whether they meet a satisfactory harm-benefit analysis to merit licence authorities. You will also conduct inspection visits, mainly unannounced, to ensure that statutory requirements are being met, including proper safeguards for the welfare of animals and that licensed establishments are properly managed. 
Involvement in the casework and policy formulation of this specialised division of a leading government department will be part of your role. 

Eligibility: A UK national, you must be a fully registered medical practitioner in the UK or a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. You must have a driving licence, a relevant scientific or clinical postgraduate qualification e.g. PhD, Diploma of a specialist professional College, or equivalent relevant postgraduate qualification, or skills and experience and have a record of active participation in good quality biomedical research in an academic, clinical or commercial environment. A sound knowledge of the principles of medicine and surgery is essential and you should be familiar with current trends in medical and biological research. 

Location: There is an expectation that inspectors will be based at home, although there is limited potential of being based in an office location where the unit or the Home Office currently has space. Licensed establishments are spread throughout the country and the home location of inspectors is taken into consideration when establishments are allocated to them, however, for operational purposes inspectors may be required to travel to other regions of Great Britain. All inspectors are expected to travel regularly, including overnight stays for inspections, conferences and other events. 

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