Open ESLAV Board positions

There are two Board positions to be filled at this coming AGM. Please, nominate someone you know will do a great job for ESLAV and promote the society to highest standards.

Election of the Governing Board

  • Voting members of the Society shall be eligible for election as Members of the Governing Board.
  • Available positions on the Governing Board shall be posted 3 (three) months prior to the AGM on the website of the society. Every candidate for membership to the Governing Board shall be proposed in writing by at least two Ordinary Members of the Society. Every nomination, together with the candidates’ consent to stand for election shall be sent to the Secretary of the Society so as to reach him no less than 4 weeks before the AGM.
  • Every Ordinary Member of the Society present at the meeting shall be entitled to give one vote in favour of each or any number of candidates not exceeding the number of Members to be elected to the Governing Board.
  • The candidates who receive the highest number of votes shall be deemed elected.